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Initiatives for a Carbon-Neutral Society

Environmental Contribution​

Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. aims to be especially proactive in promoting “expanding its contribution to reducing CO₂ emissions of society”.

In addition to the energy conservation initiatives of all employees, the company achieved virtually zero CO₂ emissions from its operations in January 2023 by adopting renewable energy and operating with electricity derived from 100% renewable energy sources.*1

Going forward, the company will strive to continue enhancing the competitiveness of its businesses and to contribute to the protection of the global environment by reducing its own CO₂ emissions and offering solutions that can help customers reduce their CO₂ emissions.

The company also shared today its goals toward 2030 with employees.

*1 The company actively promotes virtually zero CO₂ emissions by procuring Non-Fossil Fuel Certificates and I-REC Certificates to offset the company’s CO₂ emissions from electricity, and credits to offset CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels.

Global Warming Prevention

Panasonic Group is making efforts for continual improvement in energy saving constitution.
We achieved the target of CO₂ emissions in fiscal 2022 with 75 thousand tons on global basis.

  Result(location-basis) After reflecting environmental value*2 (market-basis) Target
Global (Japan)
CO₂emission [ t ] 74,914 10,524 14,115 90,773
Energy consumption
(converted into crude oil) [ kl ]
42,680 7,766 42,680 48,681

*2 CO₂ emissions reflecting environmental values are offset by environmental certification (Non-fossil certificates, I-RECs, CO₂ credits, etc.).

Energy Saving Activities

Major challenges

  • Energy Saving Committee: Sharing energy saving case examples and promoting optimum standardization
  • Steady promotion of business plan with performance management and visualization
  • Reinforcement of energy saving activities at overseas sites

Energy saving case examples

We promotes following activities on global basis, reducing CO₂ emissions.

  1. Promoting Introduction of LED lightings and PV power generation systems (Self-investment, Onsite PPA, Offsite PPA*3).
  2. Introduction of high-efficient chillers, air conditioners, vacuum pumps, compressors, improvement of control for compressors and dry roomes, incorporation of inverters to pumps, etc.
  3. With energy visualization, conducting facility stop at nights and holidays, optimization of intake and emission fans, lowering pressure of air/steam, measures for leakage, insulation/heat recovering, thinning out of lighting, optimization of illuminance, etc.
  4. Improvement in productivity of facilities and yield ratio, etc.
  5. Holding Energy Saving Network Event at overseas sites (Thailand, Maraysia and China) sharing energy saving case examples.
    Through these activities, we achieved reducing 2,945 MWh of energy consumption.

*3 PPA:Power Purchase Agreement
Solar power generation facilities are installed on the premises of the customers(onsite) or outside the premises of customers(offsite) at the expense of power generators, and the electricity generated is used by customers.

As a fruit of above energy saving activities, we received following awards.

FY15 Energy Conservation Grand Prize, the Minister's Prize of Economy, Trade and Industry

We make efforts for daily energy saving activities, as well as promotes continual improvement toward more efficient energy use in the future.

Offsite PPA (Japan)
Offsite PPA (Japan)

Offsite PPA (Japan)

Energy Saving Network Event at overseas sites (Thailand · Malaysia)

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