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Resource Recycling

Recycling-Oriented Manufacturing

Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. is promoting factory waste reduction (Zero emission) to realize recycling-oriented society.

Factory Waste Reduction (Zero Emission)

From the viewpoint of effective use of resources, by reducing amount of factory waste and increasing amount of recovering valuables and resources recycled, we are working to eliminate amount of landfill*1 to as close to zero.
We achieved 99.0% of the factory waste recycling rate*2 in fiscal 2020.
We continues activities to improve factory waste recycling rate and promote zero emission*3 in this year.

*1 Amount of landfill = Amount of waste disposed at landfill site
*2 Factory waste recycling rate = Amount of resources recycled / (Amount of resources recycled + Amount of landfill)
*3 Zero emission = Factory waste recycling rate: 99% or higher(Definition by Panasonic)

Initiatives for Factory Waste Reduction

We are promoting following measures for waste reduction on global basis, reducing waste.

  1. Improvement in productivity of process equipment
  2. Improvement in yield ratio
  3. Reuse of liquid medicine and resin
  4. Recovering valuables from waste
  5. Holding Network Event for Waste Reduction and Recovering Valuables from Waste to share case examples
Waste management seminar in Japan​
On-site inspection of waste management in Thailand​