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Corporate Vision

Mission Vision SloganMission Vision Slogan

  • Mission

    Create a sustainable mobility-society to promote a better life for everyone.

  • Vision

    Foster strong compassion; create enhanced user value with outstanding technology and wisdom; and become the best team and partner to bring happiness to people by realizing a more comfortable, safe, and secure moving world.

  • Slogan

    Heartmotive: Connecting our hearts to the Journey

The sustainable mobility-society we are striving to create is an ideal society that can realize sustainable mobility by solving the social issues associated with the means of mobility, including environmental issues due to vehicle emissions, traffic congestion due to urbanization, the elimination of traffic accidents, and the need for safe and secure moving world as realized due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The role of companies is to contribute to solving environmental issues from a long-term perspective. We are dedicated to becoming a mission-driven company where all of our decisions and actions are aimed at achieving this goal.

Our vision represents what we are trying to accomplish while achieving our mission. Based on contributing to solving environmental issues that are common among all people and things, and with the three perspectives of the “peace of mind of people”, “comfort of people”,
and “safety of cars”, we will strive to be a company that fosters strong compassion, and continually provides value.

Heartmotive is the one-word slogan that expresses both our mission and vision, and it is also our action guideline. A prosperous mobility society that continues “Connecting our hearts to the Journey” through mobility. That is the society we want to create.

Concept Movie of Mission Vision and Slogan

Panasonic Automotive aims to create a mobility society in which social issues, environmental problems, traffic congestion, traffic accidents, and other problems associated with all kinds of transportation are solved, and where "encounters that move the heart" continue to exist in the lives of individuals.

Based on our contribution to the global environment, we aim to be a "Stay close to others with love and continue to provide value that is close to each individual" company from the three perspectives of human security, human comfort, and vehicle safety.

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Three layers of Transformation

We are tackling these three layers of transformation to lead the rapidly changing the mobility industry and realize our Mission and Vision.

Three layers of Transformation