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Cockpit Integrated Solutions

Digital technologies and software to support rapid car evolution. Our cockpit integrated solutions improve the efficiency of software development and further enhance car performance and the pleasure of driving.


EV Power Electronics (In-Vehicle Charger)

In-vehicle chargers are an important system that helps reduce power consumption and thus CO₂ emissions when charging EVs. We are a leader in power conversion efficiency for high-output in-vehicle chargers.


Automotive Cyber Security

Transportation is undergoing digitalization, and the risk of cyberattacks is rising. We contribute to safe and secure mobility with our world-class technology gathered from our extensive range of businesses, including automotive devices, home appliances, smart phones, avionics, payment terminals, and semiconductor devices.



AI technology is indispensable for creating driver assist systems and comfortable vehicle interiors. It requires both high performances to process large volumes of signals in real time without delay and light weight compactness. We leverage our expertise and technologies cultivated in the development of home appliances and cell phones to achieve this.


Human Research

Applying Panasonic Group’s expertise of people in the in-vehicle field. We contribute to safe and secure driving by detecting the driver’s condition. In addition, by modeling people’s sense of temperature, we help save energy used for heating while ensuring individual comfort.

See our latest technologies! Discover our “Future Stories”See our latest technologies! Discover our “Future Stories”