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Cabin interior innovation solutionsCabin interior innovation solutions

Cabin interior
innovation solutions

Cabin interior innovation solutions
to enhance the value of the mobility experience

We are dedicated to provide uniquely Panasonic cabin interior innovation solutions to enhance the value of the driver and passenger mobility experience.


In developing cabin interior innovation solutions, we are combining our expertise and personnel in Business (commercializing value), Technology (realizing value), and Creative (creating value), anticipating the changes in people’s lives, values, and mobility styles in 2030 and beyond, and then calculating backwards from there to envision our business outlook.

Business, Technology, Creative

Value with strong compassion

We are providing drivers with value such as driver assist solutions that give more people the chance to drive and personalizing people-centric automated driving, and also proposing value for passengers with car interiors that make it easier to relax and refresh your mind and body. And for hygiene and health, security, and other aspects of reliability and safety, we are applying and verifying the vast amounts of data the Panasonic Group has accumulated on people’s lives and daily living activities. We are collaborating with car manufacturers and other relevant manufacturers within and outside Panasonic to create value with new cabin interior concepts.

Value with strong compassionValue with strong compassion

As the topic of elderly people having to surrender their driver’s license continues to make the news these days, the younger generation is continuing to move away from owning and driving cars. Panasonic is striving to provide innovations that will enable the elderly to keep moving around safely, and also remind the younger generation of the appeal of being mobile.

Cockpit integrated solutions

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